iCali Connected Security

iCali Connected Security

Today’s next-gen security systems are much more than your dad’s old alarm. Creative TSI provides you with state-of-the-art hardware coupled with a revolutionary service that enables you to always know what’s happening at home. With alert notifications and state of the art services like video monitoring, interactive security, thermostat adjustment and customized lighting control, you’ll have confidence knowing that the people and things you love will stay safe.  Using hardware from 2GIG and the powerful web integration of Alarm.com, the iCali Connected Security solution puts access to your home in the palm of your hand 24/7.

Whether at home, at work or across the country, Alarm.com communication services lets homeowners and small business owners utilize the Internet, smart phones and other web-enabled devices to remotely control their security systems. Alarm.com consists of a suite of services such as remote system control, live video and event notification. You can receive video notification of activity in and around your home or business or a series of pictures upon an alarm or a pre-programmed event. Additionally, you can access live video from a laptop or handheld mobile device and manually record video clips, or even take snapshots.

It also makes security a lifestyle-enhancing technology. You now have the ability to make your home safer and enhance your awareness with a simple text or video message - all in the palm of your hand on familiar mobile devices (Android, Blackberry and iPhone). For example, a picture or series of pictures or streaming live video can be sent to an iPhone or other smart phone upon an alarm or pre-programmed event such as when a child returns home and disarms the system.  You as a small business owner can see who was the first one through the door at the shop, office or store in the morning and who was the last to leave at the end of the day.  All this with a minimum of equipment and intervention from you.  Creative TSI’s iCali Connected Security solution keeps on eye on things that are most important to you, when you can’t.  24 hours a day.

iCali Connected Security through Creative TSI is offered in several different configurations.  You can have control of your security system, view cameras and recorded footage remotely or both.  Contact us for a live demonstration and see how Creative TSI can come up with the perfect solution for your application.