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Automation & Integration

Home Automation…it’s all about minimizing the work and maximizing efficiency. Creative TSI can take all the elements that keep your house running, and design an automation system that you can control from one easy to use interface…imagine lights, heat, A-C, security, audio/video, cameras and entertainment running in perfect harmony…a harmony you can control from anywhere!

Think about getting home. Walking through the front door…flicking on lights as you go, only to have to double back and switch them off once you’re settled inside. An automation system can be retrofit for your current home, or designed for new construction…even setting scenes that can be operated manually from the location that makes the most sense. Imagine illuminating the rooms you use most from the garage door, the moment you arrive home, or creating ambience for a specific time of day, or special event! Creative TSI specializes in high quality automation solutions for every budget.

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