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Lighting Controls

Lighting controls range from a simple stand alone system, to a part of a whole home integration. Creative TSI can build a lighting solution into a new home construction, or retro fit one to enhance your current home. Conventional light switches can be replaced with “smart” lighting key pads that control the light and ambience of your place, with the touch of a single button. Scenes can be set, like “home” “Entertain” “Watch TV” or goodnight…creating the ideal lighting conditions for each situation, and making the adjustments to the lights themselves so you aren’t left dimming or flicking each individual switch. 

The fixtures in your home were carefully designed to highlight the architecture, art and mood that creates your ideal escape. With Creative TSI, a lighting control system can be integrated to control those fixtures and define how you want your home lighting to appear during different times of the day, and for different scenarios. Plus, our systems are green, helping you reduce energy usage and your carbon footprint. Creative TSI works together with you to provide a solution that tracks what lights are left on, and for how long, helping you customize a system that looks great, and uses only the electricity necessary. Best of all, all our lighting control systems are flexible enough to fit any budget or size of home…we can install in just one floor, a main living space, or even one room to start…with the ability to add to your system over time as your needs and lifestyle change.