Living Space Theatre

Creative Technology, Security and Integration can create an amazing theatre experience in any room in your home, without tying up valuable square footage. TV’s can be mounted on the wall, over a fireplace, even behind artwork to save space. Speakers can be placed in the ceiling, mounted in the walls, even hidden in the room’s décor…giving you a true multipurpose room that can be enjoyed by the whole family! Screens and projector systems can even be installed to retract into the ceiling for a completely hidden installation that’s ready to use when you’re ready to enjoy it!

Ease of use is a huge consideration when designing your Home Theatre system. A coffee table full of remotes can be intimidating. A system from Creative TSI operates from one single remote control, that’s intuitive, easy to use, and works each and every time you press a button. A single touch can power up the entire system, find the input for what you want to watch, set the volume level, and wait for your next command.

Creative TSI has a variety of Home Theatre solutions to fit any budget. We can deliver the best possible experience combining audio, video and control, in a price range you’re comfortable with…so the final result is a high performing system that’s everything you imagined, at a price you can live with. We have carefully selected brands that we love working with, and our exclusive System Designer collaborates with you to integrate your favorite brands for a completely unique, tailored to you system. We can even work with the components you already have! Contact Creative TSI to see how your current equipment can work even better as part of an integrated Home Theatre System.

Once your Home Cinema installation is complete, Creative TSI takes the time to go through the operation of your system with the whole family. By the time our trucks roll away, your whole crew will know all the ins and outs of how the system works, and feel confident and excited to start using it!