Structured cabling systems are a huge benefit to building a new home. You have the opportunity to create high speed cabling in the exact locations where the technology will be used, building a backbone system that supports current and developing technologies. After meeting with Creative TSI’s system designer, we can implement a system that uses specialized wire and cable to serve locations in your home, creating the lifestyle you love now, while keeping in mind potential lifestyle changes to come. The bedroom that’s your home office now, can easily be converted to a nursery in the years to come.  

Structured wiring systems break down into three major parts. Cable…the pathway where signals and data travel from one part to another. Connections…where the cable is accessed, and connected to the technologies throughout your system. And the Network Connection Centre…the main intersection where incoming signals and data interface with the Cabling System. Your Network Connection Centre is usually found in the mechanical room, where all the cable in your home is dressed, labeled, terminated and ready for use. Various types of modules are installed within your network connection to help distribute voice, video and data throughout your home.