Our System sounds fantastic Wednesday 23 June, 2010 The Team at Creative have been excellent to deal with. When we put in our Theatre Room, we used one of the Big Box Stores originally. The Installation/etc was less than stellar, and we had Creative come in to fix the mess. They have always been available and the service has been top-notch. Our System sounds fantastic and we owe it to Creative TSI.

Thanks so much
Sincerely, Chris Lofgren,
CFP/CLU Agent/Owner Oakridge Insurance/Financial Services Inc.


“The best way we can describe what Creative Home Systems has done for our home is quality in workmanship, superiority in audio/visual performance and a very cordial working relationship. Thank you CHS for creating a jaw dropping experience every time we turn our theatre on!”

Kirk Reynolds
General Manager


Efficient and prompt!
It was almost nine years ago that we enlisted Creative Home Systems to do their magic in our home which we were building. From the start, as we remember, they were helpful in guiding us as we decided what we would need in our home, not only at the time but perhaps years down the road, like wiring up for a “media” room. Creative’s employees were efficient and prompt while fulfilling our contract and all systems, which were fairly extensive at the time, worked well without any hitches.

The final price was exactly as had been quoted and so there were no surprises. In July of 2009 we had lightning strike inside our home and struck the alarm system etc, all connected to the main box of our “Creative” system. Having had no problems all these years we had never contacted them so we wondered what would happen now. We called Creative TSI and to our relief they had records of our work and promptly sent out their technician. It became a complicated situation involving phones etc but the main burn out was in the Creative panel and they totally fixed everything.

There was no hesitation and always the technicians worked quietly and efficiently and very neatly as well. They took our calls and questions seriously and made sure that everything was in working order.

We have been very satisfied and have no hesitation about recommending them to anyone who needs this type of work done.

Harvey & Janice K